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Virtual student exchange - Teachers

Get ready for an unforgettable experience! Join us for a 6-week virtual exchange program and discover new cultures, meet other students from abroad or from Canada while practicing another language and broaden your horizons without even leaving your home!

Applications for the fall 2023 edition now open!


Why participate in a virtual exchange program?

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  • To have exclusive contact with a student your age from another province or country for a period of six weeks.
  • To improve your language skills.
  • To practice speaking doing fun activities during individual and group sessions on interesting topics.
  • To develop intercultural sensitivity.
  • The program is free.

Who is the program aimed at and what are the possible destinations?

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Secondary III, IV and V: Canada, Germany, Mexico and France.

Individual exchange

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  • We will match you with a student from another province or country according to your interests and personality.
  • You will communicate with your twin once or twice a week for one or more sessions of about 30 minutes (suggestion 2 x 30 minutes or 1 x one hour).
  • Themes and topics will be submitted every week.
  • You will use the communication method of your choice (WhatsApp, Messenger, FaceTime, Zoom etc.).

Group exchange

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  • Students will join a platform that will allow them to get to know each other, chat and have fun as a group.
  • Students in each group will be encouraged to communicate as often as possible.
  • You will be invited to share photos, videos, ideas, play games, take quizzes, etc.
  • Activities will be organized and supervised by the community facilitator (interactive group games, quizzes on intercultural aspects, conferences on tourist attractions in other provinces or countries, Cooking classes, etc.). These activities will take place on weekends.

Platforms used

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Each pair will be able to use their platform of choice


Zoom and Discord


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Fall session

May to June: applications

July to August: students’ pairing

October to December: virtual exchange program

Spring session

December to January: applications

February: students’ pairing

March to April: virtual exchange program

Topics and activities

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Themes will be sent weekly to students on the group platform to identify discussion topics and suggested activities each week. Here are examples of topics and activities that may be put forward as part of the program. Topics are subject to change.

Week 1: Getting to know each other

Week 2: Learning about each other’s culture

Week 3: Let’s travel!

Week 4: Hypothetical and existential questions

Week 5: My futur goals

Week 6: Societal issues I hold dear


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Applications for the spring 2023 session are now closed

Applications for the spring 2023 session are now closed