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Primary School Teacher Exchange Program – Job-Swap in France
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Eligibility criteria

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This program is aimed at primary school teachers in Quebec and in France (including Réunion, Martinique and Guadeloupe) who wish to participate in a year-long job-swap exchange program.

For a primary school teacher in Quebec to be eligible, they must respect the following criteria:

  • Hold one of the following positions in a public or private school in Quebec:
    • Teacher
    • Special Education Teachers
    • Remedial Teachers (conditions apply)
    • Preschool Teacher (Kindergarden)
    Note: Specialist teachers (Physical Education, Music or English as a Second Language) are not eligible as there is no equivalent in the French education system
  • Hold a permanent position
  • Have a minimum of three years of experience as a teacher
  • Obtain approval from the school and the school board – if applicable
  • Be a Canadian citizen and hold a valid Canadian passport for the duration of the exchange
  • Have no judicial record


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To begin your application to the program, fill out the following form. After receiving your details, we will contact you with the necessary documentation and an application form which is to be sent to us by January 31.


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Deadline : Febuary 24