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Secondary school student exchange program

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Ministère de l’Éducation du Québec and Éducation internationale are unfortunately forced to put on hold the secondary school student exchange programs for the 2022-2023 school year.

Although the exchange is aimed at secondary students, we know that the whole family will be involved in this project. Therefore, it is necessary to inform yourselves in order to be prepared for this great adventure! Should you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact our team!

Download the participant's guide (French only)

Available destinations and durations

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Student exchanges are offered for several destinations. The duration indicated represents time spent abroad. This duration is also equivalent to the period when you are hosting your twin in Quebec. For example, for a 3-month exchange in Germany, the Quebec student will go to Germany for 3 months, then receive their twin for 3 months in Quebec.

Registration fees

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The exchange programs registration fees include the following costs and services:

  • Administration of the program
  • Pairing of students
  • Pre-departure training session
  • Transportation*
  • Chaperones for the students’ return trip
  • 24/7 Emergency
  • Evaluation and certificate of participation

Sale taxes

2019-2020 1st payment – Registration deadline 2nd payment 3rd payment (public school) 3rd payment (private school)
Febuary 24, 2020 May 15, 2020 June 15, 2020 June 15, 2020
Germany $ 344.93
Canada $ 344.93
Mexico $ 344.93
Spain (1.5 month) $ 344.93 $ 1 500 $ 1 430.71 $ 1 1775.63
France $ 344.93 $ 1 500 $ 1 258.52 $ 1 603.17
Italy $ 344.93 $ 1 500 $ 1 430.71 $ 1 775.63

The programs of the ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement Supérieur du Québec (Canada, Mexique, Allemagne) have a lower cost because they are funded by the Gouvernement du Québec. Éducation internationale (Échanges azimut) has been mandated to administer these programs for several years.

We recommend that you send post-dated cheques when applying. Éducation internationale cannot guarantee a pairing. The registration fees will be reimbursed in case we are not able to pair your child.

Registration fees are non-refundable, once the pairing if confirmed, outside of exceptional situations (severe illness or death)

* Transportation costs from students’ home to Montreal’s airport are not included in the registration fees. You also have to assume the cost of picking up the twin from Montreal’s airport as well as taking him or her back to the airport for their departure. Transportation to and from Montreal is included in the registration fees for the Ministry programs (Canada, Germany).

Other costs related to the exchange (assumed by the parents)

  • Passport for international destinations (between $57 and $160).
    It is not necessary to have a passport for the exchange programs in Canada.
  • Costs associated with background checks ($60 to $70 per person).
  • Providing accommodation and food for the twin during their stay in Quebec.
  • School transport for the twin during their stay in Quebec.
  • Costs associated with mandatory as well as non-mandatory school activities (visits, activities, etc.).
  • Insurance (see section below).

The academic year

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The exchange is integrated into the school year. Students continue to attend full-time classes when abroad. Of course, they won’t be the same exact classes as in Quebec. They will have the opportunity to learn new things while improving their skills in the host country’s or province’s language.

Before their departure, students will have to organize the remedial classes they will need to take after the exchange. Students following the Programme d’Études International (PEI) have the option to advance their personal project to the time of the exchange so that it is directly linked to the experience.

Amongst the thousands of students who participated in our exchange programs, 95% state that they have not experienced academic struggle after the exchange. Many of them even said they were more motivated in school and witnessed an improvement in their academic performance upon their return.

Selection and pairing process

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The quality of the exchange our students experience is important to us, that is why pair each one individually in order to get the best possible match. A detailed application form allows us to get to know each student and their family well.

The pairings are based on the following criteria: common interests, age, gender, allergies, whether there are smokers or animals at home, etc.

The pairing process takes place between March and May. There is no need to contact us on this matter as we’ll only inform students once the whole paring process is finished.

Here are the main stages:

  1. Students apply to the exchange program (subject to their school’s approval)
  2. Students and their family meet the screening comity composed of two representatives from their school, school board or private school. Should the application be successful, the comity will forward the interview form to the Échange azimut team
  3. The Échange azimut team start the pairing process. Once the two families accept their pairing, the exchange will be considered official
    Note: Éducation internationale cannot guarantee that every applicant will be paired
  4. Students, twins, as well as their families can communicate with each other
  5. Students and their family attend the pre-departure meeting. They will be provided with all the essential information to ensure a successful exchange
  6. Departure for Quebec students going abroad
  7. Return home for Quebec students
  8. Twins arrival in Quebec for international twins
  9. Twins departure from Quebec
Download the participant’s guide (French only)

Role of each party during the exchange

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Éducation internationale (Échanges azimut):

  • Ensures a constant follow-up with students, schools and families.
  • Handles transport logistics and ensures a smooth running of the exchange with Quebec schools, partners and schools abroad.
  • Pairing of the students.


  • Represent Quebec in their host region and shows interest towards their twin, host family and host school.
  • Make the necessary efforts to learn the host country’s or region’s language.
  • Welcome their twin and ensure they integrate well at school as well as introducing them to the province of Quebec and helping them improve their level of French


  • Host their twin during their stay on Quebec
  • Introduce their twin to the province and the culture of Quebec
  • Look after their twin as if they were their own child: meals, transportation, activities, etc.


  • Evaluate the application and select students who have the required profile for the exchange.
  • Interview the student and their family.
  • Plan remedial classes with students and teachers
  • Welcome twins at school

Language course

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Anglophone destinations: a language course is not necessary to participate in the exchange.

Germany: A two-session course is required. Registration to this course is conducted through Échanges azimut for all students selected for this destination.

Spain: a minimum of one year of Spanish is required to participate in the exchange. Should students not have access to Spanish classes in their school, a language course can be taken through our associated language school.

Mexico: a minimum of two years of Spanish is required to participate in the exchange. Should students not have access to Spanish classes in their school, a language course can be taken through our associated language school.

Italy: a minimum of one year of Italian is required to participate in the exchange. Should students not have access to Italian classes in their school, a language course can be taken through our associated language school.

To find out more: visit our language courses section

German course
Spanish course
Italian course

Private health insurance

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All participants must purchase private health insurance that covers the following:

  • 24-hour assistance
  • Emergency medical treatment without deductible
  • Assistance to immediately cover the cost of hospital and repatriation fees.
  • Coverage of physician and ambulance fees

It is recommended to purchase complementary health insurance for any activity involving risks.

For exchanges in Canada, it it is not mandatory tu purchase private insurance. However, it is recommended.

It is also required to have public liability insurance for these programs following the acceptance of the pairing.


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