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The Programme d'échanges et séjours linguistiques à l’extérieur du Québec (PESLEQ) funded by the Ministère de l’Éducation aims to support language exchange projects that focus on improving the command of a foreign language.

Grant funded
by the Ministry


who had at least 90 hours of classes in the target language


A minimum of 10 days excluding transport


for transportation
as well as a $100 personal allowance


depending of the size of the group
Supervisors receive a grant of the same value than students.

Additional Information

Amount of the grant

The maximum amount that can be awarded is the cost of transportation at the lowest available price, up to $1 000 per person (local travel is not eligible), as well as a personal allowance of $100 per person.

The maximum number of supervisors eligible for funding is calculated according to the total number of students in the group:

  • 5 to 14 students: 1

  • 15 to 20 students: 2

  • 21 to 29 students: 3

  • 30 and + students: 4

Payment will be made to the school or the school board.

Eligibility criteria

You must ensure the your project is eligible before applying for a grant with the PESLEQ

  • Groups should consist of at least 5 students;
  • Students must be matched with a host family chosen by the school in Quebec and its partner;
  • Students must have had a minimum of 90 hours of classes in the target language prior to departure and within the current school year;
  • The language spoken in the chosen province or country should be the target language of the project;
  • During the stay, a minimum of 3 hours of target language classes per school day must be provided or supervised by the language teacher accompanying the group;
  • The minimum duration of the stay must be at least 10 days, excluding transportation to and from the destination;
  • The project must be coordinated by the language teacher*, in collaboration with the partner in the host province or country.

* Exceptionally, it may be accepted that the person accompanying the group is not the language teacher, however, as defined in the norms of the program by the Ministry, this person must be someone employed by the school or school board whose role includes supervising and coordinating projects. They must have a sufficient command of the target language to accompany and support Quebec students during the language immersion.

Submit a project

Applications must be submitted to Éducation internationale before Febuary 15th. Only school management may submit a project. To do so, they must complete the application form and submit it along with the following supporting documents:

  • Cost submission regarding transport

  • A detailed schedule of the project (clearly indicating the time spent on language courses)

  • List of names for Quebec students

  • List of names for participants of the host province or country

  • An official letter from the school management (Stating their responsibilities in terms of liability/safety and outlining the key elements of the project)

  • Any other relevant document

Documents to submit your application

Grant use report

School management must complete the grant use report (in French only) and submit it to Éducation internationale at the latest 60 days after the completion of the project. Any unused sum will have to be reimbursed (e.g. student withdrawal).

The report must also include the following documents :

  • A detailed schedule of the project (as it unfolded, including language classes, activities, etc.)

  • Proof of purchase for transport for each participant (the name and amount must appear on the document provided)

  • Any other relevant document (stories, photos, etc.)

Important information | Covid-19

It is now possible to apply for funding for your mobility projects for 2020-2021.

In relation to the COVID19 pandemic, no application will be processed by Éducation internationale as long as the level 3 travel advisory is still being issued by the Government of Canada (avoid all non-essential travel) outside Canada. No funding will be possible in this context.

However, if the Government of Canada Level 3 Travel Advisory (Avoid non-essential travel) is lifted for your destination before February 15, 2021, Éducation internationale will process and assess your application and keep you informed. In the event that your application is selected and funded, the School Service Center and the secondary school must not carry out the project abroad if a level 3 advisory warning is issued again for this destination before the start of the project. They will have to reimburse the amount of the grant if they wish to carry out the project despite this warning.

If you travel to another Canadian province, it is your responsibility to inform yourself about the travel restrictions put in place by the other province.

This program is funded by the ministère de l’Éducation du Québec. Éducation internationale and the Échanges azimut department has been mandated by the Ministry to administer this program.


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