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The main objective of this program, funded by the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur du Québec, is for language assistants to help language teachers by leading the students in activities that complement their language learning (English, German, or Spanish).


by the Ministry

For primary, secondary, college or university levels

depending on the country

8 to 9 months

in the school

70% funded

By the Ministry

From three countries

Germany, Mexico and the United Kingdom

Additional Information

Program Objectives and the Role of a language Assistant

A language assistant’s stay in Québec is often an integral part of their university studies. They are often required to complete an eight-to-nine-month practicum in a French-speaking environment in order to:

  • Improve their knowledge of the French language.
  • Become familiar with French culture in North America.
  • Become acquainted with various aspects of life in Québec.
  • Represent British culture abroad.
  • Gain teaching experience.
  • And, in certain cases, to obtain a university degree.

Assistants are people who:

  • are in their twenties
  • have a very good command of their mother tongue.
  • have little or no knowledge of pedagogy or teaching.
  • need to improve their knowledge of French as a second language.
  • are making their first visit to Québec, Canada or North America.
  • have undergone a selection interview in their native country and have been recommended for the position of language assistant.

The requesting organization must obtain the full consent of all the language teachers in the school to which the language assistant will be assigned. This agreement must be accompanied by a complete job description and a plan to ensure that the language assistant receives proper support and supervision both in and outside the school.

Role of the language assistant

The role of the language assistant consists in helping language teachers perform their tasks by leading the students in oral activities that complement their language program.

Language assistants must :

  • motivate Québec francophone students to learn another language.
  • acquaint the students with their own way of life and native culture.
  • have students take part in oral communication activities.
  • prepare pedagogical activities.
  • take part in leading activities conducted in the language of study.
  • accompany the students in language immersion activities.

Assistants cannot :

  • replace a teacher in a task that has been assigned specifically to that teacher.
  • carry out administrative tasks that are the express responsibility of the teacher.
  • supervise groups of over fifteen or under two students without the presence of the teacher in the classroom.
  • correct schoolwork or exams.
  • work with students with social or learning difficulties.
  • work with students who are disruptive or have emotional problems.
  • work on exam-related tasks.
  • work with allophone students.

Role of the educational institution

Before the arrival of the language assistant, the educational institution is responsible for the following:

  • Designating a member of the institution to moderate the program within their remit.
  • Designating a financial officer responsible for paying the assistant’s salary every two weeks or twice a month, starting in mid-September.
  • Contacting the assistant with information pertaining to his or her host environment.
  • Arranging and assuming costs for transportation to the host school after the Montreal welcome meeting organized by Éducation internationale and held in late August.
  • Planning for and assuming the costs involved in enabling the assistant to take part in the evaluation meeting organized by Éducation internationale in Québec City in the fall.
  • Assigning the language assistant to a maximum of three institutions schools and organizing transportation if required.
  • Sending an email before the language assistant arrives in Quebec setting out the language assistant’s working conditions, objectives and responsibilities. This letter is sent to language assistants BEFORE THEY ARRIVE in Québec (a template letter will be provided).
  • For Mexico: Ensuring that, in any given week in the period from September 1 to April 30 or May 31 of the following year, the assistant works 18 hours with students, and 6 hours of preparation (this time may be incorporated into the school schedule, at the school’s discretion).
  • For Germany: Ensuring that, in any given week in the period from September 1 to April 30 of the following year, the assistant works 12 hours with students, and 6 hours of preparation.
  • For the United Kingdom: Ensuring that, in any given week in the period from September 1 to May 31 of the following year, the assistant works 18 hours with students, and 6 hours of preparation.

During the language assistant’s stay, the institution is responsible for:

  • providing a replacement on days when the language teacher is absent.
  • keeping up to date on the assistant’s working conditions.
  • in the two weeks following assistants’ arrival, sending the program coordinator in Québec City a copy of each assistant’s work schedule signed by the institution’s management.
  • setting up a framework to enable the assistant to work exclusively with language teachers and distributing program-related documentation to interested personnel.
  • ensuring that the teachers are providing the assistant with adequate pedagogical support and supervision.
  • taking necessary measures to ensure that the assistant does not perform any of the teaching staff’s tasks; such as class supervision, monitoring outside school hours, report card preparation, and the correction of assignments.
  • periodically checking with assistants and consultants to ensure that the program is functioning as it should and taking any necessary action.
  • enabling the assistant, at the request of the provincial program coordinator, to attend information meetings, training sessions or evaluation meetings.
  • providing the person responsible for the program in the school with the material required for planning and carrying out the assistant’s activities.
  • making the usual commodities and services available to the school staff.
  • facilitating the assistant’s integration into the community, taking into account the income from their monthly stipend.
  • taking part in the assistant’s integration in the school and community.
  • providing for a replacement on days when the person responsible for the program is absent from the school.
  • finding a welcoming place for the assistant to stay, free of charge, in the first days following their arrival.
  • helping the assistant to find suitable permanent lodgings in keeping with their budget, while allowing for change and without excessive constraints, in conjunction with the person responsible for the program in the school.

Funding and administrative costs

The amount received by each language assistant varies depending on the level of the education institution in which they will be working. Éducation internationale will fund each of these institutions.

Education level of the institution Funding given to the institution Cost for the institution Total amount paid to the language assistant
Primary and secondary $10 710 $4 590 $15 300
College and university $9 520 $4 080 $13 600

The host school also assumes responsibility (means and costs) for disbursing the total grant amount to the foreign language assistant.

Application form and school's information guide


Please read carefully through the ”Guide pour les établissements” (in French only).

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Application form

Fill out the application form (in French only) and return it by email.

Application form

Ce programme est financé par le Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur du Québec. Éducation internationale et son service les Échanges azimut est mandaté par le Ministère pour assumer la gestion de ce programme.



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